e-Governance: Bihar 2015

Nitish Kumar pledged to make Bihar one of the top five e-governed, IT-enabled, e-literate states in the country by 2012. With the aim of making the government efficient, responsive, transparent, and cost-effective, his government rapidly introduced a range or measures that would put Bihar on par with other Indian states and even turn it into a model for other states and countries.


Holistic Approach to Healthcare : Bihar 2015

The efforts of Nitish Kumar’s government have been lauded nationally and internationally. Nobel Laureate and noted economist Amartya Sen noted the state’s rapid strides in immunization and child nutrition. Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation focuses on public health issues worldwide, traveled to Bihar in 2012 to praise the government’s efforts in improving healthcare.


Strides in Primary Education: Bihar 2015

The improvements in the education sector of Bihar surpassed that of other states during Nitish Kumar’s 10-year tenure as chief minister. The state government plans to invest heavily in training programs for teachers to improve the quality of education. Such measures will boost the state’s education sector and continue to yield benefits for the generations to come.


Roads, Bridges, Easy Connectivity: Bihar 2015

Better roads and bridges are one reason for Bihar double-digit GDP during Nitish Kumar’s tenure. Small businesses have thrived. Home construction has grown manifold. Property prices have shot up. Farmers can now get their grains, vegetables, and fruits to local markets in time.


Safety and Security for All: Bihar 2015

Today, both citizens and visitors feel safe in Bihar. Residents are no longer afraid to venture out a time. Shops, restaurants, and hotels in cities are open for business till late. Criminals have been brought to justice. And the police and security agencies are well-equipped and ever-vigilant.

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